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It's simple. You can get a price quote for your device instantly. Avail a free home pick up service or choose to drop off at one of many branch locations across UAE and get cash instantly.

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Server
  • Desktop
  • Network

For any of these devices, you can go through the assessment and receive an immediate price quotes based on the device condition from our highest bidder. We accept devices that at least switch on. But we don’t accept devices that not turn on.

Got an old device to sell? Sell now

There is a clear description of the condition and the price to our representative. Our representative verify the condition of your device, and confirms the price based on that information. Fast, easy, and no haggling! Based on the final condition of your device.

There are 4 different grades to describe what shape your device, AO, A+,B and C. These grades are based on how your device looks and how well it works.

An accurate description of the condition of your device and its features is crucial to have a fast and smooth process, as the condition of your device impacts the amount that will be offered to you.

Your devices are sold to dealers across the UAE and in all the world after repair it, thus extending the life span of the device and promoting a sustainable and circular economy. For your safety we now provide data wipe service by Newest Application.


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